Thoughts on H2 Mathematics (9758) 2017 Paper 1

This is a new syllabus and this is the first time it will be tested. Personally, I don’t think it will be easy and students should not underestimate this upcoming A’levels. And I’m referring to [...]

Random Questions from 2017 Prelims #3

Here is another question that is from CJC H2 Mathematics 9758 Prelim Paper 1. Its a question on differentiation. I think it is simple enough and tests student on their thinking comprehension [...]

Differentiation Question #1

Given that , find the approximate percentage change in when increases from 2 by 2%.  

Random Sec 4 Differentiations

B6 let Sub to Thus, it is a min point. C7 let (NA). There are no stationary points for this curve. C8 Let Evaluate with a calculator…

A little reminder to students doing Calculus now

When , it implies we have a stationary point. To determine the nature of the stationary point, we can do either the first derivative test or the second derivative. The first derivative test: [...]

Random Questions from 2016 Prelims #4

VJC P1 Q6 A curve has equation and a line has equation as shown above. is a fixed point on C and A is an arbitrary point on . State the geometrical relationship between the line segment AB and is [...]

June Revision Exercise 3 Q7

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June Revision Exercise 3 Q6

(a)(i) Consider is a circle with centre Origin and radius . Thus, required area is the area of a quadrant with radius (ii) (b) Back to June Revision Exercise 3

June Revision Exercise 4 Q7

(i) When Hence

June Revision Exercise 3 Q5

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