Sampling & Survey #10 – Cluster Sampling

So today we discuss about Cluster Sampling. We will begin by looking at cluster sampling with equal probabilities. Firstly, a cluster is a grouping of the members of the population. Previously, [...]

Quick Summary (Probability)

University is starting for some students who took A’levels in 2016. And, one of my ex-students told me to share/ summarise the things to know for probability at University level. Hopefully [...]

Post-Results 2016

Let’s face it. Some of us will not get the dream results we want. Don’t give up and let fear conquer you. For students unsure of the available courses, they can check out the [...]

A little history of e

Some students remarked on why I actually recognise e, that is, . Well, e is a rather unique constants. Firstly, for all JC students, we see it our daily algebra & complex numbers. Students [...]

The man who knew infinity

Previously, I shared a post on the golden nugget. It relates a bit about the movie The Man Who Knew Infinity. I finally found time to watch it while I’m overseas. Usually in Singapore, [...]

Golden Nugget!!!

My brother shared this interesting video with me a few days back when he was at the screening for The Man Who Knew Infinity. I’m looking forward to watching this movie too! Back to the [...]

Introduction to Stochastic Calculus

Back in undergraduate days, when I took my first module on financial mathematics, my professor introduced us by that the most important things are the following This is a probability triple where [...]

Python related articles

Here is a compilation of all the Python articles KS has done. Students should read them when they are free to improve their mathematics skills. They will come in handy! 🙂 Learning Python #1 [...]

Question of the Day #17

This is a pretty cool and interesting question from AMC. There are four lifts in a building. Each makes three stops, which do not have to be on consecutive floors on include the ground floor. For [...]

Question of the Day #16

The positive integers and satisfy What is the value of ?