Vectors Question #4

Another interesting vectors question. The fixed point has position vector a relative to a fixed point . A variable point has position vector r relative to . Find the locus of if r (r – a) = 0.

Evaluation for Application Question (AQ)

Have you ever wonder what teachers mean by evaluation? Many students have asked me this during my classes. Well to put it simply, evaluation for the AQ is not just simply stating whether you [...]

Characteristics of Singapore’s society (Application Question)

This list is non-exhaustive and serves as a guide for you to expand on Singapore’s characteristics…  Pls take a look at my previous post on Singapore’s characteristics, so that [...]

Vectors Question #3

This is a question a student sent me a few days back, and I shared with my class. Find the Cartesian equation of the locus of all points (plane) that is equidistant of the plane and plane. The [...]

A little reminder to students doing Calculus now

When , it implies we have a stationary point. To determine the nature of the stationary point, we can do either the first derivative test or the second derivative. The first derivative test: [...]

Do’s and Don’ts For Application Question (AQ)

Are you interested to know what are the requirements of a good Application Question (AQ)? Well according to the examiner’s report, the best AQ responses are/demonstrate: [...]

APGP Question #3

This is a question from a recent ACJC JC2 test. A philanthropist started a donation matching programme to encourage more people to donate regularly to a particular charity. (a) For a person who [...]

Responsibility of Protecting the Environment

Environment is a common and easy essay question that could potentially come out for the exams… Students should always analyze their essays from a stakeholder’s perspective to give a [...]

Singapore Budget 2017- What it means for Singaporeans?

Future Economy: What is in store for all of us? Recently, news have been focusing on changes in technology that bring about new prospects for certain segments of the population but [...]