2015 A’level Suggested Solutions

Congratulations on the completion of A’levels for the 2015 batch!

As for those who still, are taking A’levels 2016, we hope you find this site helpful. Read the comments (ignore the trolls who have yet grown up) and learn from our mistakes.

It has been a pleasure for all us to interact with you guys. Do check back after your release of A’levels, as we will love to hear from you! In the meantime, you can always read through some of the posts regarding undergraduate & postgraduate courses in Mathematics (KS), Economics (KS), Physics (Casey) & Chemistry (Eric) as we share some of our past experiences, along with some of our works today.

You’ve come a long way, now party hard. We wish you all the best in your future endeavours.

H1 General Paper (By Christine)

H2 Mathematics (By KS)

H1 Mathematics (By KS)

H2 Chemistry (By Eric)

H1 Chemistry (By Eric)

H2 Physics (By Casey)


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  • Cherilyn

    H1 Chemistry Paper 1 answers please? 🙁

  • JL

    Can post h1 physics paper 1 answers

  • PapaEagle

    No suggested ans for H2 Phy P1?

    • KS Teng

      It should be up, try clicking the link. As for update of answers or questions, do read the comments. It should self help 🙂

  • Belle

    Hi! Do you mind uploading the answers for H1 physics P1? 🙂

    • KS Teng

      Hi, I’ll love to help you. But I spent my last 10 years dealing with Mathematics only haha. Let me check with Casey, or you can whatsapp him the images of question paper (he probably doesn’t have it) at 94745005. 🙂

  • varshiya

    Hi, why isnt there chem paper 2 ans???

    • KS Teng

      Due to time and resources constraints

  • D S Low

    Hi. I saw a comment regarding H1 Physics paper 1 answers. By any chance Casey had received the question paper and uploaded it?

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