Solutions to the modified A’levels Questions

Students of mine who have been diligently doing the modified TYS I sent them, and have difficulties with the questions that were added in to make the paper a full 3 hour paper, will find the [...]

Challenging A’levels Questions

Below is a list of questions that students should take note of! The questions are not there due to copyright issues. But linked are the suggested solutions by KS. 🙂 2016 P1: 3, 10, 11 2016 P2: 4b [...]

All the best for your results!

All of us from would like to wish all the readers or ex-students the best of luck to the release of A’levels results 2015! Enjoy the open houses and do read up a bit on all [...]

A’levels Results 2015

It is FINALLY here! The day that students have been patiently expecting is fixed on 4 March 2016, a week from now. Link All the best too all the readers and my students for your results! A food [...]

2015 O Level Chemistry (5073) Paper 1 Suggested Solutions

For those of you who just completed your GCE O Level Chemistry (5073) Paper 1, here are the suggested answers for the 40 MCQ questions. The paper was relatively straightforward so I hope that [...]

2015 A’level Suggested Solutions

Congratulations on the completion of A’levels for the 2015 batch! As for those who still, are taking A’levels 2016, we hope you find this site helpful. Read the comments (ignore the [...]

2015 A levels H1 General Paper (8807) Paper 1 Suggested Solutions

As predicted correctly, this year’s paper has a fair mix of topics that we have proudly identified for students! We have kindly highlighted the questions whose topic we have correctly [...]

KS’ thoughts on H2 Math 2015

After Christine shared what will likely pop up in the upcoming H1 GP paper, I thought I can share some thoughts too. Just to clarify, I am not spotting as I never believe in spotting for a [...]

2015 A Level General Paper Essay Predictions

Dear students, as we all know, you have currently less than 2 weeks to D-day (ok, just kidding, your GP paper). As most of you are stressing out over what to study, how to study for this [...]