Is it necessary for a country to invest in its artists?

In today’s society where globalization has led to a world that has become heterogeneous, countries can use their artists to not only articulate their own culture but to establish an [...]

History matters in shaping the future of a country. To what extent is this true?

History matters in shaping the future of a country because it allows counties to understand changes and developments that had taken place to create the present society. In this highly globalized [...]

How important is it for people in your society to retain a sense of tradition?

Traditions are important because it provides people with a way to govern themselves in a world where moral standards are now often being compromised. Most traditions have moral and ethical [...]

Can nuclear research be justified?

Nuclear research, despite its usefulness in benefitting the populace, can also be used as a form of weaponry to destroy, with catastrophic results. Nuclear technology is extremely harmful in its [...]

Is the elimination of global poverty a realistic aim?

Poverty as defined by the UN is “the denial of choices and opportunities, a violation of human dignity”. What this essentially means is that a person suffering from poverty lacks the [...]

GP Fun Fact Poverty #2

Here is a continuation of our post on poverty. Take a look at these figures and think about the glaring divide between the haves and the haves-not. What are some of your feelings and thoughts? [...]

The role of artificial intelligence in our lives

There seems to be increasingly interest in artificial intelligence in the area of science and technology today. As such, I have decided to create a post to address this just in case it comes out [...]

Are certain types of writing superior to others?

Define writing- information rich articles in newspapers; formal writing in contracts; aesthetic and expressive forms such as poetry, music composing and narratives. All types of writing [...]

Fun Facts #2: Climate Change

#1: The golden toad is the first species to go extinct due to climate change. #2: Around 15% of the carbon released in the environment is due to deforestation and change in use of land. [...]

Should we embrace the advances of life science?

Should we embrace the advances of life science? This question assumes that the advances of life science should be met with some level of skepticism, for fear that there are harmful drawbacks from [...]

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