Question of the Day #15

This question was sent in by a student, which I think is rather interesting given 2015 A’levels P1 Q3 had something similar. Use a definite integral to evaluate , given your answer correct [...]

Question of the Day #14

All possible straight lines joining the vertices of a cube with mid-points of its edges are drawn. At how many points inside the cube do two or more of these lines meet?

AHOY! The Pirate Story Solution

So I posted up a question titled “AHOY! The Pirate Story Problem” which can be found here. Here is the solution! We begin with a more intuitive idea. Consider only 2 pirates. Pirate 2 [...]

Question of the Day #13

A student asked me this question recently. I think this is from AMC. There are 42 points placed on a straight line so that each distance from to is where . What is the sum of the distances [...]

AHOY! The Pirate Story Problem

So here is an interesting question. This actually appeared in a job interview at Google too. 🙂 So give it a shot if you’re keen. There are many ways to solve this, one can solve it [...]

Integrating Trigonometric Functions

Trigonometric functions can be difficult to handle. So here is some intuition and idea on what to do when dealing with certain trigonometric functions. Integrating Trigonometric Function #1 [...]

Financial Engineering (I)

Before attempting to read what we have here, students should revise their basic probability and linear algebra first. Financial Engineering (I) #1 – Overview Financial Engineering (I) #2 [...]

Arithmetic Problem #7

I came across this interesting algebra/ arithmetic problem the other day. … Do you think this will always work? Hint: We can use algebra to prove this cool sequence easily. Arithmetic [...]

Geometric Brownian Motion

This is really important for anyone interested in Finance Modelling. As what the movie Wolf on Wall Street says: They are referring to a geometric brownian motion. Firstly, we will begin with the [...]

Introduction to Brownian Motion

Lets look at brownian motion now. And yes, its the same as what our high school teachers taught about the particles moving in random motion. Here, we attempt to give it a proper structure and [...]