Making Use of this September Holidays

This is a little reminder and advice to students that are cheong-ing for their Prelims or A’levels… For students who have not taken any H2 Math Paper 1 or 2, I strongly advise you [...]

ACJC Prelims paper 1 2017

ACJC 2017 H1 General Paper 8807 Prelim Paper 1 To what extent does education prepare the young for a world that is constantly changing? ‘Science imparts knowledge but not wisdom.’ Do you agree? [...]

H2 Mathematics (9740) 2016 Prelim Papers

So many students have been asking for more practice. I’ll put up all the Prelim Papers for 2016 here. Do note that the syllabus is 9740 so students should practice discretion and skip [...]

Random Questions from 2016 Prelims #8

ACJC P2 Q3 The function g is defined by (ii) Explain why the composite function exist. (iii) Sketch the graph of .

Tips for the final lap of preparation! #1

As the prelims exams draw to an end for some schools, and some even collected the grades back. Many students must be disheartened about their grades too. So there are many questions coming in [...]

Your percentile tells you more than your physical grade!

The ACJC H2 Math results were released yesterday. And I know many students were disheartened and disappointed. They worked really hard but their results did not show their effort. I encourage [...]

Recent H2 Math Prelim Paper 2015

We know that a few schools had finished their H2 Math Prelims. Schools like, acjc, cic, or some schools which are halfway through their H2 Math Prelims, that is, Paper 1 before the September [...]

Definite Integral Question #1

This is question that was tested in ACJC H2 Math Prelim P1 2015. A few of my students know how to answer it but were uncertain how to express it. Most students were concerned with (ii) of the [...]

Upcoming Preliminary Exams 2015

One of my Anglo Chinese Junior College (ACJC) student just told me he got 99th percentile for the recent Math Midyears but is still worried for Prelims. This is partly because they were only [...]