ACJC Prelims paper 1 2017

  1. ACJC 2017 H1 General Paper 8807 Prelim Paper 1
  2. To what extent does education prepare the young for a world that is constantly changing?
  3. ‘Science imparts knowledge but not wisdom.’ Do you agree?
  4. Have we placed too much emphasis on work today?
  5. Is being original always beneficial?
  6. ‘It is better to be feared than to be popular.’ Discuss the view with reference to leadership.
  7. Can diseases ever be eliminated?
  8. ‘The media creates more problems than benefits for politicians.’ Discuss.
  9. How far, in your society, are children a good investment?
  10. Consider the view that the poor are more likely to commit crimes than the rich.
  11. Evaluate the claim that environmental conservation is a desirable, but unrealistic, goal.
  12. ‘Music breaks all barriers.’ Can music be so powerful?
  13. ‘Economic development is key to a country’s stability.’ To what extent is this true in your society?

To those taking your prelims for GP really soon… here is an example of a prelim paper this year… Could you do these questions? What help would u need?

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