Upcoming Preliminary Exams 2015

One of my Anglo Chinese Junior College (ACJC) student just told me he got 99th percentile for the recent Math Midyears but is still worried for Prelims. This is partly because they were only tested on half the syllabus. For AC Students, your prelims are just round the corner, probably another 5 weeks. I have a handful of AC students too, most of them are currently doing topical revision already and in August, I plan to have them get ready to do 3H papers in 2.5H and t brush up on their answering techniques.

Over the years, I have taught ACJC students numerous times and my advice to you guys is to try your best to be disciplined for the upcoming A-levels.

And I understand from the JC1 that they are worried seeing that their seniors have yet finish the tutorials in class but are taking the exams really soon, and wonder if they are safe next year. Typically, ACJC prepares their students really well as post-prelims, you have a few mock exams. Not forgetting many delicious catered meals haha. For year 5s in ACJC, I know that you’re worried as your peers in other schools seem to finish more topics than you guys. But quantity never correlates to quality. 🙂

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