Recent H2 Math Prelim Paper 2015

We know that a few schools had finished their H2 Math Prelims. Schools like, acjc, cic, or some schools which are halfway through their H2 Math Prelims, that is, Paper 1 before the September holidays and Paper 2 after the September holidays.

I’m going to review a bit on the recent ACJC & CJC H2 Math Prelim here.

KS Comments for ACJC Paper 1

This paper is truly not easy. A few of my students from and not from acjc, who do not struggle usually, had difficulties with this paper. In my opinion, the paper merged topics into one single question really well. This is also the trend of the A-levels now. The first part of the paper is quite exhausting so some students of mine did benefit beginning the paper from the back. Some parts really require students to be bale to do “hard” math to solve. 🙂

KS Comments for ACJC Paper 2

This paper is much easier compared to Paper 1 which really killed many students. The statistics portion has some really interesting questions, like the PnC which use a different context to test us on conventional methods in some questions. I feel that paper 2 tests students a lot on their perspectives of topics and understandings.

KS Comments for CJC Papers

Compared to the ACJC papers, the CJC papers are slightly milder and manageable. They test students here on their observation and thinking skills here. Student will not get their confidence demolished doing the CJC paper too, although getting A might be difficult.

Side note: my current students should have all finished and let me mark your ACJC Prelim Paper. And the CJC will be due the following week while you should have received the HCI Paper 1 by now. 🙂

  • Charles

    Hello! You mentioned that, for the ACJC 2015 Prelim Paper 1, “in my opinion, the paper merged topics into one single question really well”. May I know which questions you are talking about in particular?

    Also, would you be doing a similar Prelim paper review for 2016 Prelims?

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