ACJC Prelims paper 1 2017

ACJC 2017 H1 General Paper 8807 Prelim Paper 1 To what extent does education prepare the young for a world that is constantly changing? ‘Science imparts knowledge but not wisdom.’ Do you agree? [...]

Let’s talk about money!!! (arts funding)

We all know that arts is a common topic that comes out year after year for the A levels. Should you choose to specialize in this topic, you would need to understand the issues and complexity that [...]

Is it necessary for a country to invest in its artists?

In today’s society where globalization has led to a world that has become heterogeneous, countries can use their artists to not only articulate their own culture but to establish an [...]

Science versus Arts – which is better?

Science Versus Arts- Which is more useful/valuable to society? In pragmatic and materialistic Singapore, science subjects have always taken a greater prominence and value in our society. Science [...]

The Value of Arts

Dear Readers, Here’s some lessons on the arts. You may use them for your arts essay in General Paper. 10 LESSONS THAT THE ARTS TEACH 1. The arts teach children to make good judgments about [...]

2015 A Level General Paper Essay Predictions

Dear students, as we all know, you have currently less than 2 weeks to D-day (ok, just kidding, your GP paper). As most of you are stressing out over what to study, how to study for this [...]