Fun Facts #1: Marriage

This is personally one of my favourite topics for the essays: Marriage and Family. While taking a look at these figures, we must also know what are the implications of these facts… Here are [...]

The man who knew infinity

Previously, I shared a post on the golden nugget. It relates a bit about the movie The Man Who Knew Infinity. I finally found time to watch it while I’m overseas. Usually in Singapore, [...]

Fun Facts #2: Climate Change

#1: The golden toad is the first species to go extinct due to climate change. #2: Around 15% of the carbon released in the environment is due to deforestation and change in use of land. [...]

Should we embrace the advances of life science?

Should we embrace the advances of life science? This question assumes that the advances of life science should be met with some level of skepticism, for fear that there are harmful drawbacks from [...]

Importance of June Holidays

June holidays are coming and JC2 students should really grab this last opportunity that you have to study. This is effectively your time you have a full month to study for your upcoming [...]

Animal rights is a futile pursuit. Discuss.

Animal rights is a futile pursuit. Discuss. 1.At this current moment, humans have difficulty even preserving humans rights, to ask us to fight for animal rights seem a too far distant dream. [...]

Golden Nugget!!!

My brother shared this interesting video with me a few days back when he was at the screening for The Man Who Knew Infinity. I’m looking forward to watching this movie too! Back to the [...]

Format for Application Question (AQ)

Here’s the format for the Application Question (AQ): Intro- Brief summary of the author’s point; your overall stand + justification. Your justification should be in terms of [...]

Fun Facts #2: Crime and Punishment

This is a continuation from our first post on Crime and Punishment… #1: In ancient Rome, the preferred method of execution was crucifixion. Although largely abandoned as a method of [...]

Introduction to Stochastic Calculus

Back in undergraduate days, when I took my first module on financial mathematics, my professor introduced us by that the most important things are the following This is a probability triple where [...]

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