Fun Facts #2: Climate Change

#1: The golden toad is the first species to go extinct due to climate change.

#2: Around 15% of the carbon released in the environment is due to deforestation and change in use of land.

#3: Climate change enhances the spread of pests that causes life threatening diseases like dengue, malaria, Lyme disease etc.

#4: Due to the greenhouse effect, the average temperature of the earth is 15 degrees rather than -18 degrees without the greenhouse effect.

#5: The Kyoto Protocol, an organization formed to analyze and fight against climate change will cost more than 100 trillion dollars thus making developing and underdeveloped communities to participate.

#6: According to World Food Program (, by 2015, the number of people affected by climate change disasters could reach 375 million per year.

#7: Above 600000 deaths occur worldwide every year due to climate change. 95% of these deaths take place in developing countries.

#8: Over the next 20 years, global warming is expected to increase by 0.2 degree per decade.

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