Animal rights is a futile pursuit. Discuss.

Animal rights is a futile pursuit. Discuss.

1.At this current moment, humans have difficulty even preserving humans rights, to ask us to fight for animal rights seem a too far distant dream. Also, it questions the credibility of our fight for animal rights since we are already exploiting the humans of our kind. It does not make sense for animals rights to be championed at this current stage. e.g sweat shops in developing countries.

  1. Humans are intrinsically selfish by nature. Hence, in exchange for our own enjoyment and lowering of labour cost, companies may exploit animals rights for their own benefit. e.g Macdonalds which uses intensive farming unethical farming practices and even injecting steroids into bulls.  There are also reports of 10 chickens being stored in same cage. Even if we are aware of such practices carried out by these companies, but it does not seem to change any individual’s behaviour as they still support these companies.

  2. Animal rights encapsulates every single species. Humans get to be selective and only care about domestic animals. It is too selective in supporting the animal rights, only for domesticated animals. It is also very ironic that we tend to champion only certain animal rights (especially those animals that we consider to be “cute”).

  3. Animal rights is only alleviating the situation (main objective) and not eradicating the issues, hence we cannot say that it is futile. The aim of animals rights is to preserve the morality and dignity of the human race. Hence we should not trivialize the movement by saying that the animal right thing is futile. e.g, SPCA, PETA, WWF

P.s The culture would like to clarify that the above points are contributed by students during a class discussion. The writing in no way reflects the viewpoints of the tutor. For any clarification, please write in to theculture.

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