Learning Python #1

I’ve been playing around with Python these days, and even participate in an online course with Coursera. I’ve previously shared that Python is a good starting point for any student that are interested in picking up mathematical programming.

Here, we use codeskulptor which is an online cloud that allows us to code, run, and even save our program. Its pretty cool!


This above is a link of a code I did a few days back. In an attempt to clear the name, that mathematical programming is about graphs and a lot of sequences, here is a game! This is to show you guys the broad use of programming language. Here we have a simple code that launches a simple arcade game. 🙂 After clicking on the link, you just need to hit the “play” button and the game should auto launch. You may play the game by pressing up and down, its pretty intuitive. You will need two players though. haha have fun!

For those keen, the code is found simply on the left panel and perhaps play around with it. If you fancy, try figuring out how to make the ball go faster. Feel free to edit the code etc. 🙂

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