Programming, why not?

As some of my closer students know, my brother is a web developer (I think that is the best I can do to introduce his job). And yes, you might have guessed that he is also the creator of this site, maintaining it haha. He shared the follow link awhile ago, and I thought I should really share it


This is a Facebook led initiative, which is supported by Mckinsey. It helps interested people to find a platform that they can learn programming. I like its interface which is really direct and precise. It help everybody identify a point to start. I think that programming isn’t a textbook subject but is soon becoming a skill that puts one ahead in job-seeking. Personally, I help a few ex-students at best with some computing assignments and also encouraged many of current students to learn computing before university life begins. Most of your foreign peers in university will be equipped with substantial computing skills and being a kiasu singaporean, you shouldn’t lag behind. haha

Today’s world uses big data and machine learning extensively. Analytics require one to be able to code so as to understand what the code is saying. So do check out this site when you’re free.

Students can check out my opinions on taking up a Python Course with coursera here.

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