Removal of CLT topics (again) 2021

For students wondering the impact of removal of CLT. This picture should explain. 🙂

Impact of removal of CLT Topics

Below is a compiled list of topics removed for other subjects.

  • H2 Mathematics: Correlation & Regression
  • H2 Economics: International Trade & Globalisation
  • H2 Chemistry: Transition Elements
  • H1/H2 Physics: Nuclear Physics
  • H2 Biology: Impact of Climate Change on Animals & Plants
  • H1 Economics: Monetary Policy
  • H1 Mathematics: Correlation & Regression
  • H2 History: UN Reforms
  • H2 Geography: Improving Liveability in Cities (needs of different social groups and responding to environmental hazards
  • H2 Further Mathematics: Non-Parametric Tests
  • H1 Chemistry: Nanomaterials
  • H1 Physics: Nuclear Physics
  • H1 Biology: Impact of Climate Change

Personally, I do not think it is that good of a thing. It will benefit students that struggle with time. But it also means you have to be good in everything. CLT probably tells you what not to study, but does not make the paper easier.

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