How to prepare for H2 Mathematics (9758) for 2019 and beyond

The last step is of course looking into how we can prepare for the papers in the upcoming years. It certainly will not be easy as Cambridge taught us not to predict and simply just be consistently ready.

In class, I always stress to students about concept-learning. It is important to learn the concept well, gain the necessary confidence and perform in exams. And concept learning is the first step.

Understand what concepts are to be learnt first, make sure you can check through the checklist. Reinforce your concepts with review questions. One mistake that students make is to refer to solutions. This is a bad habit because the solutions more than often makes sense and one simple goes, “I see, so easy.”. To me, I see that you just marginalised yourself the opportunity to learn.

To gain confidence, you have to practice enough. A’levels is different from O’levels where you can redo TYS. We do not need to redo A’levels. In fact, I only tell my students to do the past five years, and that will be more than enough. But when you do them, make sure you did it in one proper three hour sitting, so you have to make sure you are doing the modified TYS papers. This way, you train up your sense of time management. 

There are definitely more resources that we will discuss in class to aid prepare you. 

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