How to prepare for H2 Mathematics (9758) for 2019 and beyond

The last step is of course looking into how we can prepare for the papers in the upcoming years. It certainly will not be easy as Cambridge taught us not to predict and simply just be [...]

Expectations for H2 Mathematics (9758) 2019 and beyond

After looking at what 2018 had offered and taught us, we should now consider what we need to look forward to. The 2017 and 2018 paper both showed students that there WILL be unseen questions [...]

An analysis of the H2 Mathematics (9758) 2018 Paper

Let us do a breakdown and analysis of the H2 Math Paper. Paper 1 was in general quite manageable. A few questions stood out, i.e., question 9iii and 10ii. These two are in fact [...]

Aftermath of A’levels H2 Mathematics (9758) 2018

Some students proclaimed “I’m finally done with Math!”. Just fyi, be careful of the modules you take in University because chances are that Math will still be around. 🙂 The [...]

Some tips on preparing for A’levels 2018

Personally, I find SEAB-Cambridge getting more and more creative these days. Looking at the recent practical exams, they seem to prefer students to think and perform on the spot. If we look [...]

How to improve our H2 Mathematics?

Many students of mine have asked me this question numerous times. Some lamented that they work really hard, finishing off the revision package timely. However, they still cannot improve from a [...]

Modal value & Expected value

Let us look at the difference between modal value and expected value. We shall start by saying they are different, albeit close. Modal value refers to the mode, that is, the value that has the [...]

DRV questions with a twist

I want to share a question that is really old (older than me, actually). It is from the June 1972 paper. As most students know, Maclaurin’s series was tested in last year A’levels [...]

Solutions to Review 1

Question 1 (i) (ii) Using long division, we find that So the asymptotes are and Question 2 (i) This is a hyperbola with centre , asymptotes are , and vertices and . is a graph with asymptotes and [...]

Getting ready for JC

Its been awhile since we last posted. And it is good to know that JC1s have all been well inducted or settled into their schools. Of course, I do hear that many schools are severely overcrowded [...]