2017 A-level H2 Mathematics (9740) Paper 1 Suggested Solutions

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This is answers for H2 Mathematics (9740). H2 Mathematics (9758), click here.

Numerical Answers (click the questions for workings/explanation)

Question 1: ax + (2a - \frac{a^2}{2})x^2 + (\frac{a^3}{3} + 2a - a^2) x^3; a = 4
Question 2: x \textgreater \frac{1}{\sqrt{b}} + a or x \textless a
Question 3: 2
Question 4: a = 4, b =1; translate the graph 4 units in negative y-direction and translate the graph 2 units in positive x-direction.
Question 5: a = -1.5, b = 1.5, c = 7; x \approx -1.33; x \approx -0.145 or x \approx 1.15
Question 6: r = a + (\frac{d - a \cdot n}{b \cdot n}) b
Question 7: (\frac{1}{a}, \frac{1}{ae}); \frac{1}{a^2}
Question 8: z = -1 + 2i or z = 2 - i; p =-6, q=-66; (w^2 - 2w+2)(w^2-4w+29)
Question 9: U_n = 2An - A +B; A = 3, B =-9; k=4; \frac{1}{4} (n^4 + 2n^3 + n^2) ; e^x
Question 10: a = -4.4; R(1.5, 0.5, -1); \frac{1}{2}\sqrt{10}
Question 11: \frac{dv}{dt}=c; v = 10t +4; v = \frac{1}{k}(10- 10 e^{-kt})


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KS Comments

To be honest, this paper is really the same as the H2 Mathematics (9758). They just rephrased everything. You can see for yourself here.

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  • studieing

    hello there are no answers 🙁

  • thanksss

    hi for Q10(ii) would it be sufficient to explain that for both P and Q do not lie on line L hence they are both not points of intersection, PRQ will never be 90degrees?

    • KS Teng

      vectors need not intersect to be perpendicular actually.

  • rachel

    Hello, got a quick question! For q6(ii) i remembered my teacher specifically saying r.n = d the ‘d’ is simply a constant with no meaning… so shouldnt displacement of plane from origin be d/(n^)?

    • KS Teng

      yes. but n is given to be a unit vector.. it gives a lot of meaning then

  • Mas

    Hi, according to the 9740 papers, may I know what are ur thoughts on the expected range of grade to score A grade? Is 70 marks overall for Ppr 1 & 2 guarantee an A?

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