Hit Hard by the Preliminaries?

As some Preliminary exams have begun, I’ve heard from students that they are severely defeated after the papers. Several subjects were so difficult that they are having second thoughts about taking A’levels. To be frank, I know some schools intentionally set out of the world paper just to scare the students and make their students study even harder. Thus, it is extremely important for students to develop tenacity and the correct exam psychology.

Several ex-students will concur that A’levels truly builds tenacity in them. This is an important trait, not just for A’levels, but also in life. As cliché as this may sound, but what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

Students need to realize they do not need to complete the entire paper to get an A. They need to attempt all questions and learn to let go. For example, questions that require them to show or proof, can be skipped if they really have no clue how to do it. Just do the next part! Come back later. It will be futile to realize that you could’ve done the last question, at the end of the paper. This may sound wrong, but instead of focusing on scoring 140/200 for an A, remember you can lose 60 marks.

Lastly, I mentioned this last year here and to all my students. Your percentile always tell you more than your letter grade. For instance, if I am a student in a College that produces 60% H2 Mathematics distinction in A’levels, then I should look to be 50th percentile for my prelims at the least. And if 50th percentile is a S, then so be it. You’re in a pretty comfortable spot so long as you maintain. Similarly, if you school doesn’t publish H2 Math Distinction rate at all, then you should look to be 90th percentile and you can’t just settle for an A.

Chin up, and continue fighting!

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