Fun Facts #2 Money

Hello all,

This is a second post on money. I will just keep this to the last post, as money and business is usually not a very popular question for students attempting the A level paper. Take a look at some of the guiding questions in order to understand why I have selected these facts.

#1: Apple earns USD 300,000 every minute. (Corporations earning more than most governments in the world… Corporations influencing politics in the world as well)

#2: With a spending of $1 million a day, it would take Bill Gates 218 years to be done spending his money. (What does this say about the income inequality in the world or the opportunities that we have to earn money in this capitalistic world?)

#3: Studies have shown that spending on others rather than yourself leads to greater happiness in life. (Materialism being over-rated?)

#4; The top 10 wealthiest families in Singapore control 48% of corporate assets.

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