Thinking [email protected] #4

[email protected] is a series of questions that we, as tutors feel that are useful in helping students think and improve their understanding. Thinking [email protected] is curated by KS. More of [...]

Arithmetic Problem #7

I came across this interesting algebra/ arithmetic problem the other day. … Do you think this will always work? Hint: We can use algebra to prove this cool sequence easily. Arithmetic [...]

Arithmetic Problem #6

Try this question! Hint: Simplify it first! 🙂 Arithmetic Problem #7 Arithmetic Problem #6 Arithmetic Problem #5 Arithmetic Problem #4 Arithmetic Problem #3 Arithmetic Problem #2 Arithmetic Problem #1

Arithmetic Problem #5

Saw this question on the internet and thought its rather interesting. A-levels students should be all buried other their workload, amidst the mock papers and ten year series. Hopefully this might [...]

Trick to squaring numbers

Many students go wow when I evaluate workings, without a GC. I’m not showing off, but it is because I don’t really carry a calculator with me. haha. So some students do ask me how I [...]

Arithmetic Question #4

Here is an interesting question to test students if they know who to evaluate their square roots. Ans: 8 First of all, students should know that this is positive square root so the resultant [...]

Display of arithmetic skills

This is a video of an arithmetic challenge that took place in China in 2015. It is China against Japan, and the title is called the best brain of China. I shared a video on arithmetic previously, [...]

Classical Mathematical Fallacies #3

This is a classical mathematical fallacies. At hindsight, everything looks perfectly fine. The mistake is in line 5. This is quite similar to the one we discussed previously. We took the [...]

Arithmetic Question #3

The average of 999 numbers is 999. From these numbers, I chose 729 of them and their average is 729. Find the average of the remaining numbers? Hint: Try to use algebra. Ans = 1728 Arithmetic [...]

Problem Solving Question #2

These series of questions target on students’ abilities to solve it. They are common questions used in job interviews and interviewers are more interested in learning how the interviewee [...]

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