Thinking [email protected] #8

[email protected] is a series of questions that we, as tutors feel that are useful in helping students think and improve their understanding. Thinking [email protected] is curated by KS. More of [...]

A little history of e

Some students remarked on why I actually recognise e, that is, . Well, e is a rather unique constants. Firstly, for all JC students, we see it our daily algebra & complex numbers. Students [...]

Arithmetic Problem #7

I came across this interesting algebra/ arithmetic problem the other day. … Do you think this will always work? Hint: We can use algebra to prove this cool sequence easily. Arithmetic [...]

Some things that JC students should know.

In all these years of teaching, I realised that many JC students still do not know a handful of things. So I will list down a few random ones that I can recall off-hand, and of course expand a [...]

Number Theory Question #1

So here is a cheeky question with regards to cryptography, its the basis of public key encryption in Cryptography. I had a student asked about cryptography once, its a really interesting and [...]

Algebra Question #1

Here is a simple and interesting algebra question for the weekend and to chase the monday blues away ­čÖé Suppose How many possible pairs of m & n are there?

The Modulus Sign #3

Here, we shall discuss something called the Triangle inequality which states that . I thought this is rather important as I see too many students writing things like latex |2+(-2)| = 0latex [...]

The Modulus Sign #2

So now let us look at a simple relationship that many students memorise instead of understand. Below, we see a absolute function graph. Now we all know that gives us . So how did that happen? [...]

An easier approach to remembering discriminant

I notice many students forget how discriminant works! I think I should inform A-level students that they need to know how it works and that is one thing they should not return to their O-level [...]

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