What’s on my mind for H2 Mathematics Paper 2 2018?

This is just me talking to myself…

With paper 1 over, seems like this time round, the paper is slightly imbalanced. Questions that were too easy at the front, and last three became rather hard.

9iii: Deviates from standard question, but a simple substitution, not that difficult if a student does not overthink it. Practice TYS/ Memory work also will not help here, one has got to have the experience of being pushed to think.

10ii: Similar to 9iii, requires the experience of being pushed to think hard(er).

11: Not difficult. Students simply need to be discerning with the information and read keenly. Because of the mark allocation, answer marks weigh quite a bit here.

These two parts will actually make most of the difference, since q1 – q8 seems to be taken out of tutorial. Truth to be told, 9iii and 10ii are standard H2 Further Math questions or concepts. This is a scary path that H2 Math is walking down, i.e., bringing concepts in FM to a lower level and testing them.

Topics that will come out in pure math for p2 are pretty obvious. Personally, I will fear for complex number and vectors the most. Simple reason…

For complex numbers, simple Argand diagram drawing is still in syllabus (per se), although Loci is out of syllabus. It is not difficult to combine a graphing question with Argand diagram. Here is a simple example.

y = \text{cos}\theta, x = \text{sin}\theta, \theta \in (-\pi, \pi] gives use a unit circle, which can be also given in complex number z = \text{cos}\theta + i\text{sin}\theta.

Such questions should be interesting. It is after all, in the old syllabus but brought into FM.

For vectors, interactions between three planes are out of the syllabus. But as what I said in class numerous times, do not count out SEAB to test you on three planes (with guidance). Here is a simple example.

Find the line of intersection between two given planes. Comment on the geometric relationship between the line found and a given third plane. Hence, deduce on the geometric relationship between the three planes.

This is also in the old syllabus, and is brought into FM.

Also for vectors, a good way to test concepts will be to have students find the reflection of a plane in a plane.

In general, there should not be any more application questions in paper 2 for pure mathematics, it will be for statistics. Do not count out on Contextual questions though.

For statistics, better know how to explain things properly. full definition. Will be helpful to review the specimen paper, for instance modal value.:)

All the best and have fun!

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