Thoughts on A’levels H2 Mathematics 2016 Paper 2

I’ll keep this short since we are all busy. One thing about paper 1 we saw, there were many unknowns.

So topics which I think will come out…

Differentiation – I think a min/max problem will come out, possibly with r and h both not given and asked to express r in terms of h. But students should revise a on the properties of curves with differentiation; given a curve equation with an unknown, for instance y=/frac{x^2+kx+1}{x-1}, find the range of k such that there is stationary points.

Complex Number – Loci will definitely come out. I’m saying they will combine with trigonometry.

Integration – Modulus integration hasn’t really been tested. Else a question on Area/ Volume could be tested, and I’ll say they need students to do some
Conics too.

For statistics, my students should have gotten the h1 stats this year. And if it’s an indicator, then it should not be a struggle.

I expect PnC and probability to be combined. Conditional Probability in a poisson question should be tested too, so do revise it well. For hypothesis testing, students should be careful of their formula and read really carefully about the alternative hypothesis. Also, :9 know that the formulas for poison PDF and binompdf are both given in mf15. Lastly, know when to use CLT.

All the best!

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  • maths

    Thank you. 🙂

  • purpleunicorn

    I counted the no. of Colors on the spinners as 6 instead of 7, and Bc of that my answers are wrong, do I get method marks for qn 5..

    • KS Teng

      I think you can’t really get much method marks in this question especially the 1 mark parts. You definitely lost the answer mark in each parts.

  • gbzj

    for the set of values qn, if I forgot to include more than & equals to 0 for both parts of the qn, is it -2 or -1 marks?

    • KS Teng

      that depends on how stringent/ strict they want to be actually.

  • gbzj

    and what do you think is the usual cut off score to get an A?

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