Advice for JC1 students

Dear JC1 students,

This post is reaching out to all of you to encourage you to study well and to prepare for your upcoming promotional examinations. I’m sure by now most of you would have received your mid year results back, and should have a clearer picture on whether you are going to get promoted or are you at the brink of being retained.

The A levels is a very challenging and demanding examination, in fact it could easily be the most stressful examination that you will take in your life. I’m sure you are aware of how competitive the university admissions are. Prestigious courses across all 3 universities such as medicine, law, business administration require nearly straight As to enter. In fact, if you do not even manage a straight Bs, I’m not even sure what kind of courses will be left for you to enter. As such, reality better hits now and you are preparing not just for your promotional examinations but A levels too. A good foundation for year 1 will go a long way in helping you for your second year.

Seek help early from your school teachers or your tutors! Please do not wait till the last minute to book consultations. Nobody owes you a living and if you are so last minute, do not expect your teachers or tutors to accede to your requests!

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