The role of artificial intelligence in our lives

There seems to be increasingly interest in artificial intelligence in the area of science and technology today. As such, I have decided to create a post to address this just in case it comes out for the A levels.

What is artificial intelligence? Artificial intelligence is the combination of computer science, physiology and philosophy. In the long run, AI is believed to be able to think and feel like human beings, and are capable of making decisions once thought that only mankind could.

What are the fields in which AI could be utilized? AI could be utilized in the medical field to make accurate and more timely diagnosis of patients; could be also used in therapy for depressed patients; robots as company for lonely and old people; in the F&B industry to save costs; AI as a form of military weapons and soldiers. In recent news, AI could also be used as sex robots to reduce the rates of prostitution in places like Amsterdam. In fact, it is believed that these sex robots would be more sterile, hence safer, reducing the rates of STDs. AI could also be utilized in fields to fulfill man’s curiosity. For instance, they could be sent to the “Bermuda Triangle” to find out what exactly happens there or even to space.

What are some consequences of using AI? Massive unemployment if robots can replace our work so easily. As such, who is going to take care of these unemployed individuals? Also, if robots can do exactly what humans can do, will this diminish the essence and value of being human then? As for now, mankind still has a lot of reservation with regards to using AI, especially since the technology is so new. Also, one should always be wary if AI could be over-utilized to the point that mankind becomes too reliant on it for its daily activities.

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