Fun Facts about Women (Gender topic)

Dear Readers,

We will be starting a series of Fun facts weekly on various topics, to help you for your examples in your exams. We have come to realize that many students lack specific examples to support their arguments in their essays, and our job is to help you out in your revision process! For these examples, you are expected to think about certain societal issues afflicting the world- empowerment of women; oppression of women; the patriarchal system; the gender roles; social conditioning of individuals.

#1: 20% of women in the USA earned at least $5000 more than their spouse. (what can you say about this in terms of women empowerment in the US? Will this lead to a shift of gender roles in society?)

#2: The youngest girl to be ever divorced was just 10 years old. She is Nujood Ali. Ali made headlines in Yemen last April in 2009 when she walked out on a man more than three times her age, to whom her father had married her off.


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