How far is increased prosperity for all a realistic goal in your society?

How far is increased prosperity for all a realistic goal in your society?

For the examination of this question, students will have to consider 3 main points: increased prosperity, realistic, your society (Singapore context). Students should also note that there is an absolute term “for all” which has to be carefully considered and evaluated at the end of the essay. How realistic is it really to ensure that everyone will have an increased standard of living/ greater wealth? One should always consider the fact that not every individual in Singapore is interested in attaining increased wealth- there are definitely black sheep who just want to be idle, be engaged and addicted on vices like drugs and gambling. The focus of the essay then should be whether there is equal opportunity through our meritocratic system to help everyone attain prosperity.

Some points that you can potentially consider in your essay:

  1. Singapore adopts a meritocracy culture, in which everyone is given fair and equal opportunities to succeed in life. Students can talk about the compulsory education for everyone here. Every student is valued and if a student can excel in their studies, they can always go for a scholarship or even a bursary award. These are given independent of one’s background, awarding of such incentives is based on one’s merit. For the lower income families, there is presence of tuition grants even in the university. Not to forget we also have free public libraries in Singapore where any hungry individual can visit to borrow books to harness one’s knowledge and improve themselves.
  2. One can always improve one’s income and employability through the many government schemes to help one to be in the cutting edge of society. For instance, we have the WDA which offers highly subsided training up to 90%. Employees can always make use of such schemes to increase their skills and to improve their pay after the upgrading.
  3. There are systems in place to ensure that there is a redistribution of wealth to the lower incomes in Singapore. These people can have increased prosperity. Examples include our GST vouchers and our progressive income tax system. Welfare payments by the government though few compared to welfare states are still instances in which the government tries to reduce the income gap and to transfer some prosperity to the lower income.
  4. Students ultimately should note that every individual is in charge of their own prosperity as no one owns them a living. Some people are not driven, ambitious, and are willing to waste their time and effort on vices. In such situation, should the state even be responsible for arresting their lack of an increased in opportunity?


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