September Holidays Revisions

The September Holidays just ended, and I was overwhelmed with classes from 8am to 10pm daily. Many students were rushing to have lessons daily, to prepare them last minute for their impending prelims.

Over the holidays, I do observe that many students are not very prepared for A-levels, especially those that signed up for crash course. And it is very unfortunate that I might not have time to help them further. I’ll list a few trends I observe and hopefully can better advice students.

1. Students lack confidence in attempting/ starting questions. They don’t not know how to solve it but just are too scared to start. I notice these students usually use pencil too, which psychologically shows they are not confident. Such students just need to start using pen and practice more, to more confidence.

2. Students that have a lot of conceptual problems. They can do the questions once the concepts are all resolved. Such students, as I observe in September just need individual classes to clarify everything at one go.

3. Students that practice all day long but still can’t do the questions I reviewed in class. Some can tell me they forgot how to solve such questions. For the n^{th} time, Math should not be memorised or remembered. Ex-students will concur that to excel in A-levels, you must understand the concepts, practice to refine your understanding and the topics’ applications.

As we are just seven weeks away from A-levels, I highly encourage students to sort out your concepts and be able to understand H2 Math as a whole subject. Topics will cross over!

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