2014 A-level H1 Mathematics (8864) Question 8 Suggested Solutions

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Scatter Diagram

Scatter Diagram

Using Graphing Calculator, r = -0.926.

Since |r| is close to 1, there is a strong negative correlation between the number of hours spent travelling to and fro work and the number of hours spent watch television.

Using Graphing Calculator, equation of regression line of y \mathrm{~on~} x is y = -0.9021x+16.15

Scatter Diagram with Regression Line

Scatter Diagram with Regression Line

When x = 13.2, y = 4.24 hours

The estimate is not reliable since x =13.2 is outside the range of sample data.

KS Comments

Students must check what they key in very carefully. And for the drawing of regression line, students must learn how to store them properly so as to draw as precisely as possible.

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