Helping students with Math Course

As I mentioned, a few of my students are planning to enter Math courses in the university post A-levels. They approached me regarding university courses and advices. We shall look at a few local options, and their prospects. These are my personal opinions, so feel free to correct and comment.

For NUS, there is firstly options between mathematics and applied mathematics. Think of mathematics as the hard science while applied will be more of application purposes. I mainly advised students to go for applied mathematics, and yes there are a few tracks there too. And I feel that mathematical modelling and data analytics is a really good one due to its usefulness in time to come. FYI, Big Data & Machine Learning are pretty useful skills for job seekers in future.

For NTU, there is also the hard science math and a math & econ. Firstly avoid math & econ though it sounds good, I know that the curriculum is quite bad since the student is no where part of math faculty of the humanities faculty. So things can be rather difficult at the start of course registration. Not a good start. Stick to Mathematics, there are a few tracks there too and Business Analytics is one hot course. You learn many useful skills.

For those interested in adding a bit of finance here and there, do feel free. Let’s be honest, most of us want to be working in a bank and earn big bucks. 🙂

Lastly, computing skills are quintessential. I advised many students due to start a math degree to do a course on Coursera for free to pick up basic computing. Most A-level students will suffer due to their lack of knowledge in Computing, and their overseas peers learnt computing in high school. So please do not party your entire nine months away.

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