Do I need H2 Math tuition?

Many parents call me and ask if their A-level kids need H2 Math tuition. Through the years, I’ve seen mainly three types of students:

  • A: Students that are diligent but do not do well, and seek tuition to improvise
  • B: Students that are not diligent and do not do well, and seek tuition for miracles.
  • C: Students that are diligent and do well, seeking tuition to have exposure.

Type C students are usually those that are guaranteed A but due to the competitive nature in their school, they want to stay ahead and well exposed. If you’re in the category of student, seek tuition only if you are also managing all subjects well. Else, don’t waste money on H2 math tuition. I do see some of such students once a month for consultations only.

Type B students think that I am a miracle pill. If you fall in this category, please start tuition early!!! I have a handful that start just this month (4 months to A-level), and I told them there is this much I can do. So we can only try our best. And it is upsetting that they want to have 2-3 times of lessons weekly but I do not have any more free timings for them. So not only they are stressed, I’m also very stressed. If they start early, I know a lot of students like this who just maintain a C or D through the year and during A-levels, they will get their A.

Type A students are in need of guidance. Most of such students when I look at the work they do, I’m impressed but their grades do not correlate. Such students usually took the wrong method to studying Math. And had they started earlier, I would have corrected it from start.

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