Solutions to Review 1

Question 1 (i) (ii) Using long division, we find that So the asymptotes are and Question 2 (i) This is a hyperbola with centre , asymptotes are , and vertices and . is a graph with asymptotes and [...]

Solutions to the modified A’levels Questions

Students of mine who have been diligently doing the modified TYS I sent them, and have difficulties with the questions that were added in to make the paper a full 3 hour paper, will find the [...]

Some TYS Questions worth looking at

Prelims Exams was scary. H2 Mathematics isn’t that easy. Students that had difficulties finishing their prelims exams, should consider working on their time management. The best way to do [...]

APGP Interest Rate Question

This is a question from TJC Promotion 2017 Question 10. Thank you Mr. Wee for sharing. Mr. Scrimp started a savings account which pays compound interest at a rate of r% per year on the last day [...]

Making Use of this September Holidays

This is a little reminder and advice to students that are cheong-ing for their Prelims or A’levels… For students who have not taken any H2 Math Paper 1 or 2, I strongly advise you [...]

H2 Mathematics (9740) 2016 Prelim Papers

So many students have been asking for more practice. I’ll put up all the Prelim Papers for 2016 here. Do note that the syllabus is 9740 so students should practice discretion and skip [...]

Thinking [email protected] #9

[email protected] is a series of questions that we, as tutors feel that are useful in helping students think and improve their understanding. Thinking [email protected] is curated by KS. More of [...]

Checklist for Vectors

Many schools have been doing vectors recently. Thought I’ll share a little summary/ checklist I have done for my students. Basic Concepts Operations on Vectors Addition & Subtraction [...]

Random Questions from 2016 Prelims #10

PJC P2 Q1 The complex numbers a and b are given by and respectively. (i) On a single Argand diagram, sketch the loci (a) (b) (ii) Find the range of where is the complex number that satisfies the [...]

Random Questions from 2016 Prelims #9

HCI P1 Q2 Solve the inequality Hence find , leaving your answer in exact form.

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