Some things that JC students should know.

In all these years of teaching, I realised that many JC students still do not know a handful of things. So I will list down a few random ones that I can recall off-hand, and of course expand a [...]

Number Theory Question #1

So here is a cheeky question with regards to cryptography, its the basis of public key encryption in Cryptography. I had a student asked about cryptography once, its a really interesting and [...]

Algebra Question #1

Here is a simple and interesting algebra question for the weekend and to chase the monday blues away 🙂 Suppose How many possible pairs of m & n are there?


So we shared a bit on mathmagic by Dr. Benjamin a week ago. He showed off some amazing arithmetic skills. So today, we shall share a bit of mathemusic. How wonderful can get! This is something [...]

Why is 0! = 1?

This question is probably very baffling to several students. Many students will exclaim to me, but this is incorrect. To understand why , we need to first look at what means; is the number of [...]