Modal value & Expected value

Let us look at the difference between modal value and expected value. We shall start by saying they are different, albeit close. Modal value refers to the mode, that is, the value that has the [...]

Leibniz’s Formula for π

Here is some sharing over a very fascinating constant . We know this is (up to 3 sig. fig. accuracy) or even (up to 7 sig. fig. accuracy). One of my favourite way of deriving this never-ending [...]

An easier way to remember Trigonometry Identities

I’m one who really hates memorizing formulas, be in as a student or tutor. So I shall share how I remember the three very useful trigonometry identities. I’ll start with the one which [...]

How to derive the sum to product formula

We shall look at an easy method of remembering or knowing how to derive the sum to product formula. As you see below is the product to sum formula: We first let , and thus have, The first formula [...]