A little history of e

Some students remarked on why I actually recognise e, that is, . Well, e is a rather unique constants. Firstly, for all JC students, we see it our daily algebra & complex numbers. Students [...]

Complex Number Problem #2

Show that . Hence show that For the first part, we can simply apply Euler’s Formula, that is The next part is a little more tricky, and since its hence, we will use what we solved [...]

Complex Number Problem #1

I’ve come across many questions from students regarding complex numbers, and here is one thats quite fun to deal with! Now this is really interesting, but can be solved with a bit of [...]

Solving roots of higher order

This is one question that I know ALL my students can excel in doing, that is solve . So I’m not interested in showing you how to solve such problems, but I want to explain a particular step [...]