General Paper Crash Course Sept- Skills focused

Dear readers, In view of your upcoming examinations and to help you better prepare for them in this final stretch, we are pleased to announce that we are having a crash course for General paper [...]

5 Golden Rules for your Application Question (AQ)

How do you handle the application question (AQ) effectively? Here’s 5 golden nuggets for you to remember. Work on your timing! Always complete your AQ under timed conditions! You should [...]

How to get an A for General Paper

Many students have always wondered how to score an A for General Paper especially leading up to their examinations.  Besides knowing your basic content for the essay question that you are [...]

Advice for J2 students who are still failing at this stage

Dear J2 students, This coming week should be when your examination results are being released to you. After a month of intensive studying in June, how do you think you will fare? Based on my [...]