Tutor Christine

Christine Chen is a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) graduate from the National University of Singapore, and a Postgraduate Diploma in Education (PDGE) graduate from the National Institute of Education (NIE).

Ms Chen has more than 8 years of tutoring experience in General Paper. Ms Chen is passionate about teaching and believes in empowering her students to be the best that they can in their studies.

For more information you may contact me at +65 9738 5498 . Thanks!

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      1. yes u may just sms me. The purpose of this blog is to provide support for students taking the A levels through the provision of materials and advice.

  1. Just another question, for comprehension will we be penalized for writing too much for short answer questions? They provided 6 lines but I wrote around 12 lines. Really had a lot to give as an answer. Or do they mark by points instead?

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