2014 A-level H1 Mathematics (8864) Suggested Solutions

All solutions here are SUGGESTED. Mr. Teng will hold no liability for any errors. Comments are entirely personal opinions. Please kindly comment at the specific questions should you have any questions.

Future of Mathematics in Junior Colleges

I’ve been teaching H2/ H1 Mathematics for 6 years and the past year papers clearly indicates that they are interested in finding out if students do understand their learning. In my opinion, [...]

Difference between H1 Math and H2 Math

Prior to going Junior College, we always hold JC talks at various location to discuss with post O-levels students what to expect in JC. So many were confused with H1 Mathematics and H2 [...]

Why I share suggested solutions for free

Many of my ex-students know that I send them this link post A-level. Prior to 2012, it was a link to a shared pdf that contains the suggested solutions that I rushed out, for both paper 1 and 2, [...]

A-level vs IB Mathematics

I’ve been giving several JC Talk at various tuition centres, students mostly ask me the difference between A-level vs IB. I’ll simply share my opinions on Mathematics. Difference [...]

MF15 can’t be more useful!

The only cheatsheet every student can bring into the exam hall. What is MF15? It’s the formula sheet every H2 Math student needs to know about. View PDF I thought we can look at the MF15 [...]