Mr. Teng (all some students call KS) is the math guru of this website. KS has been teaching H2/H1 Mathematics and IB mathematics for the past 10 years. Having taught students from all various Junior Colleges, KS adapts to students’ abilities and help them better understand the topics. As someone who loves to teach mathematics and sees it as a truly useful tool in life, KS seeks to enable students to appreciate math. Therefore, his tuition mission is to motivate and cultivate students to be independent and confident thinkers.

To motivate and cultivate students to be independent and confident thinkers

KS’s area of interest is in Stochastic Calculus, Brownian Motion, Bayesian Methods, and Dynamic Stochastic General Equilibrium. In his free time, he enjoys creating random games or reading more on Stochastic Calculus.

Math is a subject of discovery and excitement. Some students might relate with KS that they get more pumped doing and solving more and more questions. Mathematics has never been mundane and boring with KS. Thus, let KS help you to find some love and meaning in the subject. In the process, also the much-coveted A in A-levels. KS posts regularly, on tips and questions that mainly he received before or now. So maybe some of you might just see the questions you asked him here too.

The following are a few undergraduate and postgraduate posts and discussion that KS did on this blog.
Sampling & Survey Methods
Business Analytics
Financial Engineering
Probability Review

For more information, you may contact KS at +65 9815 6827. Thanks!

Caution: Some students do end up taking Math in University after being exposed to my teachings!

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