Known affectionally to her students as Ms Christine, or otherwise Ms Chen, Tutor Christine possesses strong teacher-student rapport which makes learning more jovial and fun in class. Students can always approach her with their academic difficulties or even personal life issues.

As to whether she is qualified to teach General Paper, surely those posts by her would be testimony of her thinking and writing abilities wouldn’t they?
Alright, jokes aside, for those of you who need to be double sure… Tutor Christine was a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Graduate from the National University of Singapore (Nus). After which, she proceeded to read a National Institute of Education (NIE) degree and obtained a Postgraduate Diploma in Education (PGDE) trained in JC (yes you got it, this is what you guys are looking for right?). She has at least 8 years of teaching experience.

If you are interested in seeking help to improve your GP, you may contact me at +65 9738 5498 . Thanks!

PS: A word of caution- taking lessons with me may render you a “deviant”; a “rebel” since your thinking would change drastically and not be “mainstream”.

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