Known as Casey to many students, Mr. Ong has been teaching JC physics for more than 20 years. As an ex scholar, he had taught in RJC (yes, before it was RIJC) and ACJC for years. With strong credentials in Physics, Mr. Ong exhibit deep understanding in the field of Physics and is able to break down complex questions into simple ones that students can understand fully.

A driven tutor who delivers the results

Casey adopts a unique teaching style. He first, explains the content and concepts in the topic, then uses conceptual questions to drive the message home. Finally, he uses differentiated questions to give students sufficient and necessary exposure. His method has successfully given many students an A in A-levels. His ex-students include various scholarship holders.

Mr Ong’s students all find it a joy to be taught by him as his lessons are always intriguing and enriching. A driven tutor who delivers the results, Casey does not hesitate to put in extra time to see students and help them in their learning.

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