About Us

Let’s just begin by saying that this isn’t a tuition centre website. Just four friends that enjoy teaching and sharing our knowledge on our respective subjects.

So how was did this site started? The four of us are great friends and decided that JC students need more accessibility to resources. As students once, we had trouble obtaining good learning materials independently. So we thought, why not share. So viola, theculture.sg was created!

What do we call it “The Culture”? We wanted a name that deviates from all the rote learning and mugging in Singapore. We want to change the way learning is done. We want to cultivate learners that are independent. Most of our resources here are free to share, including A’levels solutions. Students who take the efforts to delve deeper into some posts might even learn new tips that schools do not tell them about.

Of course, this blog doesn’t stop at just JC level. It also contains many information from university topics to JC topics. Most of us have taken our learning to post graduate levels. So students can feel free to comment and we will try to get back to you. And if you’re keen to learn from us further, feel free to contact us. For more information about us, you may click on our personal page for more. Thanks.