The Culture SG is an educational website that believes in the empowerment of students’ independent learning through the provision of free resources, mainly Mathematics notes, to inspire students to learn better. In the process, The Culture SG aspires to build a positive learning culture within our own student’s community so that they can influence the next generation of critical and creative thinkers. Following these basic principles helped Mr. Teng grow in his love for teaching and learning. More importantly, he has discovered that, by sharing his ‘passion’ for teaching and learning, and using these principles with enthusiasm and empathy connects with learners. As a result, teaching with clarity, passion, empathy, and sincere enthusiasm, effectively impacts learners, ultimately connecting them to their ‘passion’ and lifelong learning.

The Culture SG started as Mr. Teng used to share his A’levels solutions with his personal students through WhatsApp 10 years ago. And students will spread it around. It came to him that he can create a website for the sole purpose of sharing. Through the years, we have seen many students benefitting from our website. Students are free to ask anything regarding A’levels, and even post-A’levels. Of course, thanks to the strong student support over these years, Mr. Teng has been providing tutoring services for those that need a little more attention, personal touch and practice sessions to secure an A.

The Culture SG is a strong advocate of quality teaching and resources. Mr. Teng does not believe that education is a privilege. Thus, access to resources should be a right of every student that is taking the A levels. Hence, resources are FREE for personal use. The Culture only believes in collaborating with the BEST in the industry to ensure that teaching and resources would be in line with Cambridge.

Students can always trust and look forward to a comprehensive and quality learning outcome whenever they approach Mr. Teng for assistance.

This is my promise to you.

Yours truly,

Mr. Teng